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There's no limit on how many hours you can record, but you can save each recording for up to 28 days after it airs. Recorded shows can be watched from your DVR outside of your home internet network, too, though that option isn't available for everything namely CBS. The company does say it will "occasionally" replace your DVR recordings with the on-demand version of certain programs, though, particularly when "a specific episode hasn't recently aired" or when it doesn't have the DVR rights for that show.

That means you may have to watch ads. Like every other live-TV service, though, it can't make every program of every show available to watch on demand. However, some channels still won't work outside of your home network. And things can vary depending on what devices you use: Sony says that only one PS4 console and one PS3 console can stream simultaneously on one network and that there can be only three separate streams simultaneously from iOS, Android, and a web browser. In our testing, PlayStation Vue has the fewest technical problems.

You may be less lucky, but that — combined with the full- ish feature set and simple enough interface — makes Vue feel like the most polished service to date. That means you can use your Vue login to watch various network streaming apps that normally require a cable account. DirecTV took a Coldstone Creamery approach to its naming conventions. The base tier includes a little more than 60 channels. The Just Right tier raises that to about The Go Big tier brings it to about Then the final tier includes about channels. A Showtime add-on will be available in the near future, too.

Purely on a cost-per-channel basis, this makes DirecTV Now the densest service of the bunch. Seen another way, it's also the most cable-like streaming service — both in terms of price and offerings. Getting the other three major networks, once again, depends on where you live. If one of those channels isn't available to watch live, DirecTV Now will make its primetime content available on demand after a hour delay.

Other ESPN channels are relegated to the next-highest tier, though. Even then, it's hard to talk in absolutes when it comes to licensing agreements for each market. HBO is available as an add-on to one of the main tiers. It's available through the web, too, but via only Google Chrome or Apple's Safari browser. This is the biggest knock against DirecTV Now for the time being. It's unclear what limits that DVR may have. You can pause, but not rewind or fast-forward.

And you can pause for only a few seconds at a time. This is another major shortcoming. DirecTV Now supports two concurrent streams on an account. That's relatively low. Like Vue, it can also keep you from streaming some local channels when you're out of town. But it's a nifty perk. All that said, DirecTV Now has faced the most technical issues in our testing. Things have calmed down a bit since it launched, but don't be surprised if you face a crash or two.

We'll be sure to keep an eye out. Just shy of 60, plus the original and youth-focused shows that come with a YouTube Red subscription. YouTube pitches its service as a more curated selection of channels. One notable selling point: Besides ABC in the Dallas area, YouTube offers all of the major broadcast networks in every market in which it's available.

Sling Pitcher Pitching Machine and Ball Launcher |

The big four are all available to watch live, too; Youtube says only The CW content is limited to on demand in certain areas. But, per usual, those aren't fully covered everywhere.

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Still, YouTube TV works on the vast majority of streaming devices — a huge improvement over where things were six months ago. Not only that, there's no cap on the number of hours you can record. YouTube saves your recordings for up to nine months. That's great, but, annoyingly, you can't skip ads with some recordings. This is because YouTube often replaces DVR recordings with the on-demand copies you'd normally see through a cable subscription.

And like every other service, YouTube TV makes a select number of shows available on demand and through "replay" recordings. Beyond that, you can tie up to six separate accounts to one subscription. Each of those gets its own DVR and content suggestions. PlayStation Vue allows for separate user profiles, too, but it makes you share one username and password. So this is a good one for families.

The big thing to know is that YouTube TV is not yet available nationwide. The service has since expanded much more — check here to see if it's available where you live. In our testing, YouTube TV has been the most consistent service when it comes to streaming quality. The interface can chug along at points, but hiccups and outright crashes have been rare. The notion of going from vlogs to live sporting events to fail videos, all within one smooth app, is still a fantasy. Like YouTube TV, Hulu is looking to keep it simple and not split things up across several tiers of service.

This is good and bad: It has one of the most expensive starting prices of the bunch — but arguably the most comprehensive channel package for an entry-level tier. Either way, this means you have access to the all the on-demand content that comes with a Hulu subscription, plus all the original shows that Hulu produces.

Hulu is the youngest live-TV service here, but its support for the major local broadcast networks is impressive. It's still a ways off from Vue, which carries the most, but you have a better chance of getting live local channels here than with Sling or YouTube. AMC is the biggest one. That means no "The Walking Dead. Starz and Discovery channels are absent as well. The fact that Hulu bakes its standard service into the Live TV package gives it a little bit of cover, though.

You can still watch AMC shows that are available as on-demand recordings on Hulu anyway, for example, but you can't watch the channel live. And while Hulu's local channel support is good on the whole, only some people will be able to watch all four major networks live as they air.

In other places, though, you may lose one or more.

Hulu has a useful channel-checking tool on its homepage , so be sure to use that. Regional sports stations, per usual, are dependent on where you live. You get 50 hours of recording time. Your recordings aren't deleted after a set period of time, either. If you need more storage space, there's an Enhanced Cloud DVR add-on that raises your limit to hours of storage time. Here, though, that goes for both your DVR recordings and Hulu's on-demand recordings. It's pretty annoying!

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When it can, Hulu tries to replace shows you save with recordings that already exist in Hulu proper. Since Hulu proper's base tier still shows ads in those recordings, that's what you see here. This is also the case with Hulu's regular streaming service. But the extent of the rewinding is dependent on what channel and program you're watching, and, again, whether you're in a commercial. Another handy money-saving feature of using Metromile? But keep your eyes out for Metromile to expand into more states.

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Filing claims and getting paid is also much simpler with Lemonade. The company expedites this process and pays claims super fast. All you need to do is research ways to lower your bills and then commit to making this a priority. Ask yourself: Is there any way to lower this? Now, we challenge you: How much can you save on your bills in the new year?

And, due to this often anxiety-ridden time of year, you may put your work and career aspirations on hold until January. If you do this, however, you may be missing out on an opportunity to get ahead when everyone else is slowing down and mired in holiday to-do lists.

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If advancing your career is one of your goals for the New Year, check out these tips to up your game during the holiday season. Chances are, at least some of your co-workers are taking time off during the holidays. While working overtime can be great for your bank account , it might not be realistic once the holidays end. She recommends politely introducing yourself to higher-ups and other key players in your company that you might not have a chance to talk to ordinarily. You might be used to working as a team but over the holidays, you could end up a team of one if everyone else has flown the coop.

Planning ahead can help you be productive instead of getting bogged down. Planning out a daily list of to-dos and goals can help you stay focused on your most important tasks. Unless everyone you work with is a total Scrooge, they probably like getting gifts over the holidays. This is a simple, low-cost alternative. Whatever you decide to do, staying on good footing with your coworkers and supervisors matters, not only at the holidays but all-year round. Schedule a day to get caught up on personal errands or chores that might have gotten pushed to the backburner.

Get together with family and friends to indulge in old holiday traditions or create some new ones. Spend a few hours thinking about your personal, professional and financial goals for the coming year. For example, you might want to take up slacklining, learn to code or finally get around to switching banks.

Happy holidays! What to do? To ensure this holiday season is full of cheer rather than chicanery, take these 10 steps today. He urges you to create unique passwords for every site, and to update them every 30 to 90 days.

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Elbow Brace

Take a few minutes and turn on 2-step verification for major accounts like Google, Facebook, and Apple. Edry says a text or call to your phone is more secure than emailed codes or additional security questions.

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The Chime banking app , for example, allows you to easily block debit card transactions. Taking it a step further, you can also employ a virtual credit card number. These cards serve as proxies for your regular cards by using disposable account numbers. Ask your card issuer for more details on this service. Is this an early Kwanzaa gift or what? Though most of us would be tempted to click that link, experts advise proceeding with caution.

Me , says you should also be wary of gift cards that arrive via email. These sensitive pieces of data and information are exactly what hackers target. To keep yourself safe, Edry recommends sending encrypted emails, a service which his company offers. For more email encryption options, check out this article from Consumer Reports.

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You need to get that holiday shopping done, after all! You should never access your bank account or use a credit card over a public network. But, as Safr. According to a finder. If you notice any suspicious activity, report it immediately to your bank or card issuer. Be proactive and remember that staying cyber-safe means having a fraud-free holiday! October is a festive month, especially as neighborhood houses are often decked out with cool Halloween decorations. Yet, even if your idea of Halloween consists of a simple pumpkin on your doorstep, you know that the frightful holiday will likely put a dent in your budget.

So, how can you get by this Halloween season with your savings intact? One thing you can do to get more bang for your buck is to repurpose your Halloween decorations. Here are 6 creative ways to put your Halloween dollars to use all year long. If you have owl decorations for any occasion, you can easily incorporate them into your general home decor instead of just using the items to spook friends and family members around Halloween.

Owl decor can be placed on an end table or ceramic pieces can even go on a bookshelf and serve as bookends. If you had glass or plastic dishes around the house that were filled with Halloween candy, simply refill them with something else after all the trick-or-treating is finished. You can refill your jars and dishes with Christmas candy or candy canes. For another idea: Place some fresh or faux flowers or even potpourri inside the dishes.

I like to buy glossy decorative pebbles from craft stores or even the dollar store. If you purchased a few pumpkins for outdoor Halloween decorations, clean them off and bring them inside to create new home decor for fall. Or, leave them outside until Thanksgiving. They are also appropriate decor for the fall season. You can even create an autumn scene by placing a pumpkin on top of colorful fall leaves and pinecones.

Free fall decorations! For more ideas, you can paint over old Halloween themes on your pumpkin, turn your pumpkin into a vase, or use mini pumpkins as centerpieces for Thanksgiving. You can also add a cornucopia to adorn your pumpkin centerpiece. Hay bales are commonly used for Halloween decor to house scarecrows, spooky skeletons, or carved pumpkins. But, you can also use them to display other types of outdoor decor on your porch. For example, you can add greenery, mums, or flower pots to reuse the hay bales for outdoor home decor throughout the fall season.

Small candles, whether real or electronic, can be great decoration pieces for your home during the holiday season or even afterwards. If you have colorful lights or even orange and white tea lights, you can still decorate the interior or exterior of your home for Christmas by adding some additional colors. All you need to do is get a little creative. Almost everyone has either had or seen those basic plastic pumpkin buckets. Maybe you or your kids have even used them for trick-or-treating. Instead of just putting them in storage until next year or throwing them away, you can reuse them as storage buckets in your house or upcycle them for home decor by painting the plastic pumpkin buckets a new color or adding fabric to the exterior.

See an example here. For example, perhaps you can use them to store arts and craft items, books or small toys. Halloween decor can be fun to buy, but it almost seems like the season flies by too quickly. Have you started putting up your Halloween decorations yet? How much did you spend and can you make that spending last throughout the year? Think about it: You can save a ton of money by getting creative and reusing your Halloween decor! After a summer filled with fun activities like concerts, festivals, and travel, you may be looking for ways to lower your spending and get back on a budget this fall.

Some fall festivals have entry fees, but many are free, especially if they are hosted by a community organization. Plus, vendors know that you will often buy food once inside — making it worth it to waive a hefty admission cost. You can stretch your dollar even more by packing lunches. From there, you can enjoy a low-cost or free day filled with live music, crafts, games, and activities for the kids. Fall foliage can be breathtaking in many parts of the United States. Why not go for a hike, enjoy the crisp air and take in the scenery — all at the same time?

Hiking is free and also helps you and your family stay active. To start, choose a hiking trail that is easily accessible, perhaps in a forest preserve or state park. You may even want to try riding your bike or inline skating on a smooth trail to switch things up. Halloween is right around the corner, and many municipalities offer parades and other Halloween-themed events for the whole family to enjoy.

Check to see if your town or neighboring city is hosting a Halloween parade, hayrides, corn mazes and other fall favorite activities. Roasted pumpkin seeds are a delicious and cheap fall snack. Plus, you can make roast the seeds right at home. All you need is a fresh pumpkin. You can cut the pumpkin open and also use the filling to make blended pumpkin puree for pies and other treats.

Spend a lazy Saturday with the family snacking on the roasted seeds while watching your favorite scary or Halloween-themed movies. This is a fun activity to do with kids. Go outside and pick up different colorful leaves and then categorize them by type. You can also teach kids the names of the different trees that the leaves have fallen from. Then, take the leaves inside and paste them on a piece of paper.

You can also trace them on colored construction paper. And, voila! Attending a Halloween party can be a great way to catch up with friends and meet new people. You can also make your own costume by using materials you already have at home and borrowing anything else you may need.

Fix up your outdoor space and invite friends over for a relaxing evening by the fire. If you can play guitar, even better. Have a sing-along! No matter what your financial goals are for the remainder of the year, you can always curb your spending while saving more money. The fall season is the perfect time of year to start spending less as there are so many different ways to have fun on a budget.

So, take some time to revamp your fall budget and commit to it. Please see back of your Card for its issuing bank. The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank, neither endorse nor guarantee any of the information, recommendations, optional programs, products, or services advertised, offered by, or made available through the external website "Products and Services" and disclaim any liability for any failure of the Products and Services. Please note: By clicking on some of the links above, you will leave the Chime website and be directed to an external website. Not applicable to previous orders. Free ground shipping on all orders in the 48 contiguous states.

In-stock, non-custom-non made-to-order products ship in business days. For a complete exclusion list, contact customer service. If you would like to purchase both products eligible for coupon code and products excluded from the promotion, please make two separate transactions. If you have questions, please contact customer service for assistance. Individual Results may vary. The contents of this website do not constitute medical, legal, or any other professional advice. Information related to various health, medical, and fitness conditions and their treatment is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by a physician or other medical professional.

You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Rather, please consult your healthcare professional for information on the courses of treatment, if any, which may be appropriate for you. Injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament typically include a sprain, minor or partial tear, stretched ligament over time, or in severe cases complete tear or rupture. Repetitive overhead motion and throwing sports increase the risk of UCL injuries.