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TripADeal offers a visa processing service, so please call our team on if you'd like our assistance. TripADeal does not provide visa advice.

Lemon Tree Hotel Offers

While it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance as soon you have placed your order to protect yourself and any other persons intend to travel against unforeseen circumstances, an inability to travel or should you otherwise need to cancel your trip.

We're proud to offer a range of travel insurance products in partnership with My Travel Insurance. For a quick quote or information on the products we provide, please ask your consultant or call us on If you purchase travel and decline travel insurance, you may be required to sign a disclaimer. For further information with respect to cancellation queries or for full details, please refer to our Cancellation and Refund Policy. We recommend your insurance policy includes but is not limited to cancellation, baggage, theft, personal liability, accident and medical cover, plus any other requirements specific to your travel plans.

Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Any advice provided is general advice only and has not taken into consideration your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision please consider the Product Disclosure Statement. If you purchase a policy, we receive a commission which is a percentage of your premium - ask us for more details before we provide you with any services on this product.

Orders are valid only for the travel date selected and once the travel date selected has passed, the order will be considered void and is non-refundable in full or in-part if unused. For travel offers where you are instructed to list your 3 preferred travel dates on your passenger information form we recommend confirming your travel dates with the travel provider at least 3 months in advance, and peak times such as weekends or holiday periods should be confirmed further in advance.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we do not guarantee that services will be available at your preferred date and time. We use reasonable endeavours to list any likely mandatory charges, optional or mandatory gratuities, government taxes, levies, fees or other charges that you or an intending customer may incur on their tour on the important information section on the deal home page.

Any payment in this regard where relevant must be made in line with the payment instructions in this section. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any changes to any of this information after order placement.

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Often government taxes, levies, fees and other charges change at the discretion of government or other authorities, Suppliers such as airlines, coach, rail, cruise or ferry operators, shipping companies, or any other transport providers, hoteliers or other accommodation providers, land carriers, tour operators, tour guides, tour directors, travel agents, or the providers of any other meals, facilities, goods and travel products or services on your holiday or in relation to it and over whom TripADeal has no direct control.

As a guide to the likely size of an individual travel group, many TripADeal packages list minimum and maximum numbers in the important information section on the deal home page. These are to be used as a guide only. Some international package tours may have multiple groups departing on a single departure date. Many TripADeal packages have minimum numbers required in respect of a travel offer for the tour to depart.

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In the unlikely event where minimum numbers are not met, TripADeal reserves the right to cancel any or all affected orders. Alternatively, TripADeal may provide affected customers with the option to transfer to another travel offer or departure date. Additionally, TripADeal reserves the right to determine the continuance of a travel offer on the scheduled departure date despite published minimum number criteria not being met and is not obliged to cancel, refund or compensate with respect to affected customers.

TripADeal reserves the right to determine the notification period with respect to communicating minimum number order amendments to the customer. Our booking process and passenger information form allows a customer to request that we link one or more orders to that of a friend or family travelling on another order. Information with respect to making a linked booking request is contained on the passenger information form.

The linked booking request may be refused if the linked passenger information forms are not returned within the required 48 hour period. If a linked booking request is not fulfilled this may mean that customers do not travel or stay together. Linked booking requests are strictly subject to availability and are not guaranteed. TripADeal does not accept any responsibility or liability with respect to linked booking requests which are not fulfilled. For example, this means flights may arrive a day earlier or later, involve a transit, a stopover, or a substitute airline.

As airlines have the right to reschedule or cancel flights at any time, any such changes are beyond our control. Flights sectors are booked as advised by the operating airline and in accordance with their terms and corresponding airport regulations. Please note, this is not a decision made by TripADeal, this is a decision made by the airline. No refunds or free of charge replacement tour departure dates or other itinerary changes are permissible in such circumstances. In the instance where you require a flight based customisation that is not listed on the travel offer or available at check out, you will be instructed to indicate that you have a flight customisation request on your passenger information form.

Many of our international travel offers provide both pre and post tour stop-over packages as an additional option available at check-out.

All information relevant to the stop-over package will be listed in the important information section on the deal home page. Stop-over packages typically include two nights of 4-star accommodation, return airport hotel transfers and daily breakfast. TripADeal reserves the right to determine the hotel used for the stop-over package and the accommodation booking details will be provided in the travel documentation.

Please note that standard hotel check-in is after 2: 00 pm and check out at am and any early or late check-in requirements will be the responsibility of and at the cost to the customer and subject to availability, directly arranged with the accommodation provider. Both a pre and post our stop-over may be chosen. However, the stop-over location must be the same each way due to fact that the same airline and its stop-over hub is used on both outbound and inbound journeys.

As such, you will need to arrange your own transfers at your cost and any expenses, fines, penalties, costs, liabilities, damages or losses incurred as a result will be your sole responsibility. These requests are subject to availability at the time of ticketing. As the majority of flight customisations are all variable in price, and are dependent on availability and scheduling capabilities, more often than not, they cannot be offered at check-out.

Such enquiries must be listed as being requested on your passenger information form as TripADeal is authorised to commence the ticketing and booking process for all customer s on the order upon return of the completed and verified passenger information form. No refunds or free of charge replacement tour departure date changes or other itinerary changes are permissible in such circumstances.

Customers will need the information contained in the travel documentation before finalising the cabin check in process. TripADeal reserves the right to modify, change, extend, or withdraw published accommodation terms with respect to the travel offer at any time due to changes beyond our control. Accommodation including hotel descriptions are based on current guides provided by Suppliers.

Any facilities described are subject to change at any time.

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We have made reasonable enquiries to verify that the descriptions and details are accurate, but to the maximum extent permitted by law do not warrant that they are. This will only be available if it is listed on the deal specific important information section. These requests are all variable in price, dependent on availability and scheduling capabilities and as such cannot be offered at order placement.

You will be asked to list your preference on your passenger information form. Please note bedding requests are subject to availability. As most travel offers are based on twin share, the maximum rooming capacity is typically for two people. The maximum room capacity with be listed in the important information section on the deal home page.

Where triple share is permissible, this too will be listed on the travel offer. To request accommodation location in close proximity to friends or family members travelling on another order, please request this as a linked booking request on your passenger information form. All rooms are booked as non-smoking where possible. However this cannot be guaranteed as not all accommodation providers offer dedicated non-smoking rooms. The option of requesting a non-smoking room is available on the passenger information form. Should you require any assistance with luggage during travel, it will be at your own cost as hotel porterage is not included unless clearly listed on the travel offer.

The majority of travel offers list the price per person based on twin share, where two people will be sharing their accommodation. For some travel offers , where a customer intends to travel as a solo traveller and therefore will not be sharing their accommodation with another traveller, a solo supplement may be required. In these instances, the mandatory solo surcharge will be clearly listed on the important information section on the deal home page and is payable on order placement. TripADeal does not offer or provide a room pairing service.

Some travel offers enforce a child traveller policy as imposed by the supplier of the relevant supplier or service component of your order. In these instances, the child traveller policy will be clearly listed on the important information section of the deal home page. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the child traveller policy and ensure that all travellers on their order satisfy the listed requirements.

TripADeal may offer to provide a customer name replacement opportunity whereby the affected customer can be replaced with another person who meets the age requirement or charge any additional fee that an accommodation provider may enforce in allowing a child in contravention of the child traveller policy.

TripADeal is not responsible for any cost or additional fees in the instance where a customer has failed to comply with the child traveller policy. The travel offer is valid for travel on the listed and available departure dates as listed on the important information section of the deal home page. Most travel offers will require a departure date to be selected on order placement and once the travel date selected has passed, the order will be considered void and is non-refundable in full or in-part if unused.

23 October Ending. MSE Big Energy Switch 14

In some instances, we may need to pass one or more high season surcharges for certain departure date periods on to the customer. Departure date high season surcharges are clearly listed on the important information section of the deal home page and are payable on order placement. Available departure city options are specific to each travel offer where international flights are included and are listed on the important information section of the deal home page. Departure city options offered are dependent on the air component of the travel offer with reference to ticketable airline schedules, routes and costs.

TripADeal reserves the right to determine the departure city options listed on any travel offer and enforce one or more departure city surcharges where scheduling and availability has been deemed to be restrictive to the travel offer. Any applicable departure city surcharges will be payable at order placement. The departure city option as listed and available departure dates as listed on the important information section of the deal home page must be selected at order placement. All persons travelling on the one order must depart from and return to the same departure city option as per the options provided at check-out.

In the instance where a person in your travel party intends to depart from and return to a different departure city option listed on the travel offer than others on your order, a separate order must be placed for the person travelling from the different city. When group sizes are considered too small to use a full-sized touring coach we reserve the right to use a smaller coach.

Smaller coaches, and any vehicles used for local transfers, and occasional day excursions, may not have toilet facilities on board. Individual country laws regarding coach transportation will be abided by at all times. Transfer transportation is typically a smaller coach of vehicle and in some cases airport and hotel arrival and departure transfers will combine multiple travel groups. This is dependent upon airline scheduling and airport ground transport requirements. These options will be clearly listed in the important information section on the deal home page along with instructions on how to purchase whether at order p lacement or directly with the tour guide or tour leader once on the ground in the destination country.

TripADeal does not ensure or guarantee the quality or value of any goods purchased or the suitability of any retail outlets visited during travel. The purchasing of goods and the use of a credit card for those transactions is entirely at your own discretion and at all times the customer must use their own discretion. We will not be liable for any expenses, fees, penalties, costs, liabilities, damages or losses incurred as a result of transactions you make while travelling.

Please also note, it is the responsibility of the individual to research and declare all relevant items when they are returning to Australia and to comply with customs laws. Any items that are confiscated will not be compensated. Some travel offers may include a tour guide or a tour leader. Tour guides and tour leaders are not a standard inclusion on all travel offers and are only be made available when particularly required to enhance the experience of the destination featured.

TripADeal does not accept responsibility for the standard, behaviour or comments of a tour guide or a tour leader. We reserve the right to accept or reject an order for any reason after that order has been placed, including but not limited to, an error in the price or description, the unavailability of any product or service, or an error in the administration of your order. In placing your order you acknowledge that we retain the right to remove any person s from your travel group for reasons that impact on the enjoyment or safety of other tour members, such as, but not limited to, the physical, medical or other inability of customers to undertake the arrangements of the tour, unsocial, illegal, disruptive or unruly behaviour, or the carriage of prohibited substances or materials.

Aside from permissible free time as listed on the Itinerary, all persons on the Order are required to remain with the tour for its full duration unless previously arranged and approved by TripADeal. Should it become necessary for any person on the order to leave the tour without prior approval for any reason, TripADeal or the local tour operator must be notified immediately.

If a customer is found to be non-locatable after reasonable efforts have been made to contact them, the local authorities will be contacted and the remaining components of their tour will be cancelled.

In the instance where we have to cancel any remaining component of a tour as detailed above, any unused portion of the package will be non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for other services or cash. We reserve the right to cancel an order in the event of fraud, abuse or illegal activity, and refer such activity to the relevant authorities. You are responsible for applying with all local laws, regulations and customs in all countries and locations to which you travel, which in some cases can be very different to those at home.

We arrange your holiday, which will be provided by S uppliers that we believe to be reputable and to comply with the standards set down by their local authorities. The scope of our services and our obligation to you is strictly limited to and you expressly authorise us to making the relevant arrangements, bookings, ticketing and providing other ancillary and related services depending on the travel offer you have purchased. Save every day by signing up for Offers. By signing up, you agree to Offers. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Details: Browse great deals from Dish Nation, like electronics, accessories and home goods.

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